About Us

Dark & disturbed is co-owned by Katelin & Dani.

Katelin is a single mom from Indianapolis, Indiana who loves to escape into books when she can. Although she reads a little bit of everything, there’s a special place in her heart for dark & taboo romance. She found that there were not nearly enough people talking about those kinds of books and even less safe spaces free of judgement to discuss them. She set out on a mission to make people feel comfortable when they came to her social media pages. But there’s is only so much you can do in a public setting. Thus, dark & disturbed book club was born with the help of her friend, Dani.



Dani is a single mother and wife from Miami, Florida who is an introvert and prefers books over people. Reader of all things dark, taboo, and spicy. She is willing to give almost any book a chance. Before joining the book community, she had no one to discuss her favorite books with. While she has found acceptance in this amazing community, she, as well as her friend Katelin, thought there should be a safe place to discuss books that may be more on the extreme side. Thus, dark & disturbed book club was born. 

Katelin & Dani are lucky to have help from their friends, Maddy & Lauren, who are active administrators of all dark & disturbed social media platforms.

Administrator of dark & disturbedLauren